9800 gt 512MB OR 1GB

Im buying an xfx 9800 gt
which is better 512mb or 1gb.
does the extra memory make a difference in fps.
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  1. it has a bit of an advantage when you go up into high resolutions and higher anti-aliasing settings.

    otherwise not really much difference.
  2. GTS 250's are cheaper right now.
    At least the one I bought this week was $35 less than the 9800GTX sitting next to it.
  3. Get 512MB Variant of 9800GT(If you're really getting a 9800GT).
    Cuz that card isn't that fast that it'll utilize 1Gig of memory.

    But I would suggest you to get a better card.9800GT is old tech now.
  4. If you are on a budget id go for a 9800GT I have this card and its working out great. But if you find a 250 with a better price id go with the 250
  5. Go for 512MB as 9800GT can't utilise 1GB memory.
  6. +1 for the GTS250 with 512mb.

    currently loving it!
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