140mm Triple rad

Hey, I am looking for a new rad, as i am going to buy the NZXT 810, i am looking for a 140mm rad, and a triple one at that.
does anyone have any rads they would recomend? also, what fan setup should i use for this,
i also need a new 1155 wc block, any suggestions?
my budget is about $120 for the rad,
and the CPU block is prettu mych budgetless, but needs to be affordable


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  1. Ok, i am planning on changing out the piping as wel, what kind of thicknes should i go for, is there a performance boost with 1/2" pipe?
  2. ok, ive read it, but i still dont know, what size piping should i go for, also, would this http://www.frozencpu.com/products/10201/ex-rad-178/Koolance_Triple_140mm_Copper_High_Flow_Radiator_-_Black_HX-CU1403V_No_Nozzles_.html?tl=g30c95s931 rad work, or should i go for a higher level?
  3. What are you trying to do are you watercooling your GPU to if so what kind of card do you have?
  4. No, i will not be cooling my gpu, just got a new 660, and its not working,

    anyways, no
  5. Just get a XSPC Rasa /RX 240/360
  6. Do not get the Rasa, if you going xspc get the Raystom waterblock,

    In many cases were only going up by like a degree form block to block but the Rasa is 4/5 degree higher temps thenits sister the Raystorm. With the raystrom only in the 40 Dollar mark save you self the hassle. as for 140mm rads I use both the( XSPC-EX420) and the (MC-RADI420) both work well and save me space.

    ps don't go chrome or copper on the full raystorm block.
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