GTX 260 Artifacting and Crash

Hello again,
It seems to be that my computer is having many problems haha. Well anyway, just two weeks ago I was playing a game of Dragon Age when my screen started making weird shapes, then colors, and other random artifacts. Eventually the game crashed. I then tried playing Crysis to rule out the game and it did the same thing. Thinking like any logical person, I contacted EVGA. Within no time I was receiving my "new" RMA GTX 260. Well the problem is, the problem is still there. So either EVGA sent me another bad card with the same exact problem, or more obviously, it was never my gfx card to begin with. So does anyone have any ideas?

The exact problem is that my screen will start to artifact severely during or after playing a graphic intensive game. By after I mean that my desktop then has classic "snow" artifacting after playing a game, but not before. The problem started to occur randomly, I was not installing drivers or any new software/hardware. Afterward, thinking it was the drivers I did install the new ones, but to no avail.

My hardware is as follows:
ASUS M4A78T-E Motherboard
AMD Phenom II 955
Corsair 850w PSU

That's just the most important stuff I figured might have to do with the problem.
If anyone needs any more info or knows a fix, please post!!!
Thank you!

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  1. make sure you have GOOD cooling. #1 cause for artifacts is overheating and system failing to shut down...
  2. Yes I have good cooling. Highest I have ever seen it is ~65 degrees Celsius using speedfan. I have a HAF 932 case as well so I assume I'm getting very good cooling throughout my system.
  3. sometimes speedfan reading are not accurate. you can try overclocking tools like rivatuner or EVGA Precision to check the temperature. btw did you OC your card. what is you actual max temperature when you're playing games?
  4. Like i said the highest I have ever seen it is about 65 degrees, using either evga precision rivatuner or speedfan. I have all of them, as you can see if you look at my desktop picture. I actually just took that desktop picture and my card is reading 37 degrees across all three. I had overclocked my first card and had been running it like that for about 5 months before it started to happen, but since I have gotten the RMA card it is not been overclocked at all.

    Idk if it matters but I also have Windows 7 64 Bit.

    Thanks for the replies so far guys!
  5. have you try different drivers? also you can try the card on another PC if you have one
  6. Have you done the "cleanup thing" ?

    1. Uninstall Driver
    2. reboot into safe mode and run a registry cleaner (ie ccleaner) or driversweeper to remove all traces of nVidia stuff.
    3. Reboot and reinstall driver.
  7. No I haven't, I'll try it right now though.

    That never struck me as a solution. Could my driver really just suddenly become corrupted? Like I said I wasn't doing anything but playing a game when it suddenly happened. I wasn't updating drivers or installing software or anything.
  8. If you get a chance, try under clocking the card a bit.

    if that solves your problems you know what the problem is.
  9. driver should't be doing such things.

    when you reinstall drivers, make sure you use driver sweeper from guru3d
  10. Hello again,
    Tried everything you just said: underclock, delete drivers, ccleaner, driver sweeper; to no avail.
    Any more ideas? I really am at a loss as to what it could be.
  11. On some forums I've heard that the PSU could be causing this. Is there a way to test for that? anybody?
  12. come on guys there's got to be an answer out there somewhere...
  13. sometimes it could be. if the power supply cannot give the card stable wattage or current it can cause problem to graphic card performance. just i said before try your card on other pc. if the same problem happen then it is your card having a problem. if the card work fine then there is something wrong with your PC
  14. Well I don't have another pc with the capability of running this card. That's why I got a new one. Is there some kind of test I can use to judge whether my psu is outputting enough wattage to my card? Could it just be faulty wiring?
  15. so far i don't know if there is utility or software to test the power supply. maybe you have to inspect your hardware one by one. if you have a friend with some hardware you could do some testing yourself. right now you're suspecting the PSU is the culprit. so try with different PSU
  16. ah well i just did a powersupply + gpu test with occt. no artifacting whatsoever. Still happens with games though? wth!

    And I'm rly in a deep hole here. I'm the only one of my friends with a high performance computer. I don't know anyone with a computer I could test any of my stuff in.
  17. Do you have a copy of XP or Vista laying around?
  18. I have a copy of vista why? How could it be my os?
    Hopefully this will help somehow.
  20. dyno0919 said:
    I have a copy of vista why? How could it be my os?

    It would mean redoing your system but if you were to set it up as a dual boot rig then you could see if the problem occurs on two OS's with the same hardware.
  21. Thanks for all of your help and suggestions, really, but honestly I don't think that would fix anything. I'm pretty sure Windows 7 wouldn't just randomly corrupt itself or become incompatible with my hardware mid-game. I'll install vista if it comes down to a
    last resort, but as of now it's really not one of my top priorities.
    I know there's an answer somewhere, I just have to find it!!!!
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