Internal h/d used as external storage using docking station problem

i have a docking station (recently acquired )that you can insert an ide/sata internal hard disc and use it as an external storage device (similar usage as a caddy but easy removal of h/d).

i admit this docking station can be temperamental but it seems to work, i have used an ide h/d in it and this shows up in 'computer' (Windows 7).

Today i acquired a sata external h/d (500gb off ebay) and tried it out in the docking station, unfortunately it is not recognised in 'computer' the docking station is recognised but not the sata h/d

this sata h/d is recognised in 'device manager' and in 'disc management' so i thought i would 'format' it from there sadly on right clicking the largest partition (464gb) of the disc the only option i have is 'delete volume' and 'help' all the rest is greyed out.

i have had this problem before but with a different device (R-Driver 3) which was a lead instead of a docking station, but thought the lead might be faulty.

any help on this will be appreciated, thank you.
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  1. Deleting and then Remaking the partition is the same as formatting.
  2. PrvtChurch said:
    Deleting and then Remaking the partition is the same as formatting.

    out of curiosity why isnt this h/d showing up in 'computer' like all the other 'external' hd i have (these ones were bought already in a caddy)

    i find this baffling as i originally acquired this docking station in case myself or a friend had problems with their pc (would not load) but needed files/folders off their hd, this would be pointless if i had to format the h/d to get it recognised.
  3. Have you tried restarting with the drive plugged in? It may be something to do with the way windows detected the drive.
  4. i will have a go at that.

    to be honest this is doing my head in as obviously the laptop is detecting it as it wouldnt be showing up in 'disk management'
  5. sametimes till the time new hardware is installed on the system it may not show-up in my computers. you just need to reformat the drive and it is for sure not a docking station's error. The fact that the drive is showing in BIOS means that connector is working just fine
  6. thanks all i did a 'delete volume' and seeing that this hd was new (to me) and had no data on that was mine, and this did the trick, it is now 'browsable'

    thanks again
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