Finished building my first computer...Keyboard not working


In short, this is the first computer I have assembled...After I turned it on, I see the Keyboard is not is running fine till the screen where it shows how to load Windows (safe mode/last known good config/normal mode)....and again going back to the POST screen.

In details, I have assembled this computer (New Mobo, CPU, RAM, Optical drive, PSU, case....Old HDD, keyboard)...Turned it on for the first time....I hear a short beep (which I guess is good)....I see CPU & System fans are running....I see the first screen...I cannot choose or do anything since PS/2 keyboard is not working.

First Screen:


Processor : AMD Phenom II...
Memory Testing : 3668928K OK+ 512M shared memory (though I installed 2 2GB ram)

Memory Information : DDR2 800 Unchanged mode
IDE Channel 0 Master : ST320410A 3.39
IDE Channel 0 Slave : none
IDE Channel 1 Master : none
IDE Channel 1 Slave : none
IDE Channel 2 Master : Optiarc DVD RW AD-7240S 1.93
IDE Channel 2 Slave : none
IDE Channel 3 Master : none
IDE Channel 3 Slave : none

Next Screen :

SATA is found running in IDE mode...SETUP option is available to set SATA to AHCI mode...Now is IDE Mode, the system cannot support Hot Plug...Would you change the mode? Y/N

[According to MoBo manual, this screen is normal]

Next Screen :

Sec. Slave Disk : None
IDE Channel 0. Master Disk HDD S.M.A.R.T. capability...Disabled

PCI Devices listing...
(then a long list of controllers)

Next Screen :

This screen is to choose how to start Windows (Safe Mode/SM with networking/SM with CP/Last Known Good config/Start Windows normally)....Normal mode is is waiting in this screen for around 30 Seconds...Then after a moment, I hear another short beep and it is going back to the first POST screen.

Now I am wondering what is the problem?

a) a bad keyboard (also a bad HDD, since windows is not loading)
b) a bad HDD (HDD is not the system is failing to get a result, kb is not working)
c) a bad MoBo

Experts, could you kindly help me with this?

Thanks in advance
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  1. try to access the bios and see if the keyboard works there

    you can usually access the bios by pressing "del" or "F1" as soon as the computer boots it will say how in the bottom left corner of the screen as soon as you boot up.
  2. First do what 505090 said to do.

    Then from there you can try plugging the keyboard into another computer to see if it works there. If it doesn't, the keyboard is probably bad.

    Try another keyboard on your new computer. If it works, it's definitely the keyboard.

    If the new keyboard worked on another computer, and a different keyboard still didn't work on the new computer, then it's probably the motherboard. You then have two options:

    1) Buy a USB keyboard and see if it works
    2) RMA the motherboard

    This is all assuming you only have one PS/2 slot.
  3. There is nothing wrong with your keyboard, but your windows installation is faulty.
    How did you install Windows in the first place without a working keyboard? If you simply took a hard drive from another computer, then that is your problem as you will need to reinstall Windows.
  4. I tried pressing "del" and "f1" didn't work. The keyboard is not working at all from the very first screen. I don't have another keyboard at present. And my other desktop is dead...that's why I started assembling this new one. So at present I cannot try this keyboard to another computer...Or another keyboard to this computer. I am planning to borrow a keyboard from one of my friends tomorrow and see if that's working.

    This MoBo has only one PS/2 port.

    Tomorrow I will do the following :

    1) I will see if another PS/2 keyboard works with this computer or not.
    2) if not, then I will try a USB keyboard

    if that also doesn't work, I am in bad luck....I have to RMA the MoBo..which I hate.

    Thanks for all your help. I will keep you posted guys.
  5. pjmelect,

    Windows installation thing may be my 2nd problem. The first problem is of course the keyboard or the MoBo...because the keyboard is not working even during POST.

    My old machine is dead...I took the HDD with XP installed from the old machine and plugged in this new machine.

  6. You must format the HD before installing Windoze.....otherwise, HD is trying to start your old computer and windoze can't find the old computer's hardware. ?
  7. JackNaylorPE said:
    You must format the HD before installing Windoze.....otherwise, HD is trying to start your old computer and windoze can't find the old computer's hardware. ?

    I'll go ahead and ask this question, because i know he's going to. And because i don't know the answer either.

    If the computer doesn't even recognize his keyboard during the POST screen, how is he supposed to reinstall windows? He'll stick the disc in, but if he can't get to the bios then he won't be able to get the comp to boot from a CD, or hit any key to boot from CD.

    To me, it doesn't sound like a Windows problem. Obviously he'll need to reformat and reinstall before too long, but it sounds like there might be another problem first.
  8. I am worried about the first problem now....Yes, I know there may be another problem the HDD may be bad OR Windows installation may be corrupt. I want to handle that later after I handle the 1st problem (i.e. the kb is not working).
  9. either verify that your KB works in another computer or get another one that you have checked as good. Once you have a KB that works in the bios you can worry about your windows install
  10. My Keyboard was after changing the keyboard, everything is working fine.
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