Water Cooling Intel i7 3770k

I would like to water cool my 3770k. I am thinking of getting a Pre-Made cooler, or one to make myself. For the pre-made I am thinking of getting either a Corsair H80 or an Antec Kuhler 920 but I can't decide which is better. A lot of people are saying the fans are very noisy which is a problem, I was looking at the Noctua fans but they aren't as powerful as the stock fans that come with the H80/920 (are they still good to get, they are also rather expensive).

For a custom water cooler, I have no idea what to get, a youtuber that goes by TBNRFrags put a list of his water cool parts and he is able to get his Core i7 at 5ghz, however I just want 4.5ghz or something around that. I posted his parts below.

My PC Specs
MSI P67A-G45 (overclocking compatible)
Apevia X Trooper Mid Tower Case

Youtuber's Custom Cooler Specs-
EK XT 360mm Radiator
EK XT 120mm Radiator
EK High Flow Water Block
Swiftech MCP35X Pump Revision 2b
Swiftech MCP36XR2 Reservoir
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  1. Either get the H100 or stick to air. H80 is good, but expensive for what you get. You would be better of with the Noctua NF-D14 or Thermalright Silver Arrow Extreme.


    As you can see the H100 is worth it but its very load. LOL
    If you replace the fans it would be better. But its hard to find a quiet but good fan.

    For a 4.5GHz OC you don't need such a huge cooler anyway. A normal air cooler will do.
  2. If you want water, do a real loop, the sticky at the top will help you get started and figure the basics out,
    I'd ignore TBNRFrags 5GHz, every single chip is different and will overclock to a different limit, his W/c kit is solid though,
    Those rads perform best around the 1800 rpm mark which may or may not be a little loud depending on your tastes,
    If you like peace and quiet, overrad and choose low Fpi radiators, this allows you to run fans at 6-800Rpm which is very quiet by most measures,
    W/c desires are mostly decided by budget though, what are you prepared to spend on the cooling solution?
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