Way to recover data off dead SSD?

Hey guys,

So my 6-mo old OCZ Vertex 2 boot drive just went bye-bye this morning (BSOD for no reason, can't boot into Win7 after that) and my system can't even see/access the drive it even through LInux. Is there any hope of recovering the data?

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  1. I heard john edwards can talk to the dead
  2. @moborocket: +1 for your excellent contribution. We are all wiser because of it.
    @OSU Cowboy: Thanks, do you know of any utilities/programs that could recover the data or is this most likely resultant of a dead controller?
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    Given your drive is only six months old and therefore still likely under factory warranty (I just reread your OP and didn't realize this before I posted initially), you may be better off calling OCZ tech support and see what they recommend, before you actually do something that may void whatever warranty you have left. I don't know exactly what symptoms you are experiencing but from what little I know of you situation, I would say this may be a controller issue. Doesn't OCZ have a 1-year warranty?
  4. The first thing I would try is to go to OCZ and download there utility for your dive. They have one that is a toolbox for windows, the 2nd is a linux bbot disk Primarily for upgrading the firmware.
    The linux boot disk you could use to see if it can even read your dive - don't have to upgrade the firmware.
    The windows based toolbox should be loaded on a 2nd computer and the SSD attached as if it was a storage drive.

    If you can not see the drive (it Bios does not recognize it), you will have considerable problem with 3rd party utilities as they need to go thru the Bios.
    If the problem is a corruptted MBR or FAT, you might stand a chance.
  5. Thanks everyone for the nice replies, it is covered by warranty and since its not even being recognized at the BIOS loadup, the controller likely just gave out. Probably not worth the cost to get the data back. Guess I'll just RMA it and wait for a new one. Cheers all.
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  7. You could also try this tool,I just know that they provide 100M free space for recovering data :hello:
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