Help with building a gaming PC for $700

I will have to start from scratch. I need all the parts, monitor, mouse, keyboard, speakers, and tower. I have $700 to spend on this whole deal. I will want to use this for gaming. This includes games that are out and games that will be coming out.

Help Please.
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  1. Hmm ok $655AR
  2. ^yeah, i tried, but it didnt work out to are missing an os, so there goes another 105$ to the total. @TomSchwartz, it is not like your budget is impossbile, it is very close, but not quite there, its just that it wont be a very effective gaming machine. also, from what ive seen, going from 700$ to say, 850$ or 900$, makes such an improvement to the build, since at that price everything is only 10-20$ away from each other, but you dont have enough money to upgrade. i have a 900$ (could be lowered a little) build right now ready, much better then what you would get for 700, and it would also last longer, and be more worth the purchase...if you cant bump it up, its still possible, just not worth it, if you can, then great, you would get a much better computer
  3. Well TS never stated a need for OS and there is an option of Win 7 RC or any OS he/she has on hand hehe
  4. well he said starting form scratch, and that he needed every part, so i would assume he needs an os.
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