Strange BIOS problems when entering values for Vcore or DRAM voltages?

Hello everyone,

I am having a problem with my BIOS (Asus P5E BIOS Ver. 0903), sometimes when I enter the BIOS to make changes I can't enter numbers at all and I can't change settings from "Auto" to --> "Enable" or to "Disable", the only thing I can enter is !@#$ for example Vcore voltage or DRAM voltage. Do I have a defective BIOS chip or just a corruped BIOS version? If my BIOS is corruped does clearing the RTC (Real Time Clock) fix the corruped BIOS? One more thing, Dimm0 is one of four that gives memory errors with Memtest or other programs.

I apreciate any help, Systemlord. :D
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  1. ^ Here's a pictorial review -

    If your BIOS "seems" considerably different then maybe, but I am not clear what you are and are not doing. Auto locks-out feature selections; on those values Enter pulls up the list.
  2. If you are familiar with bios's and know what you are doing than you might try to update the bios or use the same one and see if that fixes it, just remember to update with floppy, cd, or usb flash drive. Dont update bios through OS, you take a chance of corrupting the bios. I have used the OS updating utilitys (like a moron) with luck before but I ruined the bios chip on my old gigabyte 965p-s3 :cry: using this method and have never used it since.
  3. My best advice is to play around in the BIOS, you do not need to "Save & Exit."
  4. Almost every chance I get I enter the BIOS to see how often this strange problem occurs, after updating the BIOS version to the lastest 1201 it does happen a lot less frequently. This morning upon the first boot up I entered the BIOS and it did occur, but not the second time, I would say it happens 1 in 20+ attempts. I hope and pray this board lasts until Intel's new Sandybridge in 2Q of 2011! I haven't had any issues or freeze-ups with this board and/or strange behavior while operating my computer, even after Prime95 for 24 hours at 80 degrees fahrenheit. Thanks

    - Thanks, Systemlord.
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