I5 750 overclock


i was wondering, can i overclock an i5 750 without damaging my computer?

and what are you suggestions about what level to overclock it and that type of things.

im ordering it from cyberpower.

if you want to see the computer i am going to get to see if it can be safely overclocked.

just go to [...] figurator/

then go to the load box and type


please reply thanks.


p.s. please dont give me crap about cyberpower OK?
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    Lots of people overclock the i5-750 without problems, I've built 3 of them myself. If you have the stock cpu cooler you probably can't overclock very far. If you put a good aftermarket cooler on it then you can go farther. This is all assuming that the motherboard in your computer isn't locked, and I don't know about that company but it might void your warranty.
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