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Can I use the Hyper 212 Evo to overclock to 5ghz?

I am going with a Sandy Bridge-E CPU (most likely the 3930k) and I was looking at the Hyper 212 Evo. A lot of people say that it can get to around 4.4ghz, and then gets hot. What if I were to use a push/pull configuration, along with a different thermal compound, like the Arctic MX2? Would I be able to reach 5ghz, or would I need to go with water cooling?
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  1. I would be very surprised if that HSF could cool that kind of OC.

    I own two and really like them, but they aren't powerful enough for that. (Not even in push pull)
  2. Well I would try to invest in a high end air cooler rather than get into closed loop water cooling unless you meant you were going to build a custom set. As far as I know from personal experience push-pull lowers temperatures around 2-5 degrees and mx-2 does make a good difference only if you come from a real crap thermal paste. Try the DH-14?
  3. Well, if you mean 5Ghz for a 24/7 OC, the only way to do that is with a real water cooling loop.

    You can get to 5Ghz for a CPU-Z validation or short bench runs with less, but for a 24/7 5Ghz OC, you need absolute top of the line cooling (more than any normal person would have, for sure).

    Regardless of all of that, a 5Ghz 24/7 OC is slightly ridiculous, anyway. 4.5 is plenty, especially for a 3930K.
  4. Quote:
    Well, if you mean 5Ghz for a 24/7 OC, the only way to do that is with a real water cooling loop.

    You also still have to get a good chip. There is certainly no guarantee that any Sandy Bridge or SB-E chip will hit 5Ghz even for a CPU-Z run. I think you have a better chance now with the later steppings but I remember some figures when they were released showing only a small percentage would hit 5Ghz.
  5. Thanks for all the help!

    kriseamo said:
    You could try a closed water loop - the Corsair H100 or H80 - the cooling will be more efficient - what other cooling do you have and what input/output ratio of fans do you currently use?

    I currently have a 5 year old computer with a broken fan :) I am looking to upgrade to something that would last a while. I would rather not spend more than $70 for cooling, though. Would the Corsair H60 do it?
  6. swallowtail said:
    Would the Corsair H60 do it?

    Nearly the exact same cooling performance as a 212 Evo for nearly twice the price... And no, it wouldn't.
  7. The H60 is no better than a low cost air cooler and more expensive and much louder. If you want a closed loop cooler get either the H80 that is about equal to a high end air cooler or the H100 that is slightly better than high end air cooling.

    Don't go cheap cooling the $600 CPU. It's a 6 core 130W TDP chip that needs more than a low budget Hyper 212 to get the most out of it.
  8. So the H80 would get to 5ghz? If it could, I would probably go with that. I guess I could spend a little more if it means getting to 5ghz.
  9. swallowtail said:
    I guess I could spend a little more if it means getting to 5ghz.

    Remember what anort3 said. Getting to 5Ghz isn't even a guarantee, so don't count your chickens...

    I still say you shouldn't be so hung up on 5Ghz anyway. It's a nice number for e-peen status, but that's literally all it is. 4.5 on a 3930K is amazingly fast, and more than you'll need for a long time (possibly for as long as you have the system).

    Just think about it. Do you really need 5Ghz?
  10. Once again there is no guarantee you will hit 5Ghz even with a $500 custom water loop. You want the absolute best cooling money can buy to even try though. To be realistic, no the H80 will not do it for a overclock that high.

    I would get that number out of your head. Think 4.5Ghz and you will probably not be disappointed. Even then there is no guarantee the chip will do it though.
  11. I guess 5ghz is a little too much. Will the Hyper 212 Evo get to 4.5ghz? Or even 4.7ghz with push/pull and different thermal paste?
    By the way, thanks for putting up with me :D
  12. If the CPU will do it (which it should) 4.5 should be doable with a 212 Evo. It'll still probably be a little warm, though (6 cores, 12 threads...).

    And Push/Pull is only 2-5C cooler, in reality, so it really won't be a factor.
  13. I would probably still go with push/pull in the long run. Would it still be fine if it's a 24/7 OC?
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    swallowtail said:
    Would it still be fine if it's a 24/7 OC?

    That's hard to say because there are a lot of factors involved, like the voltage your particular chip needs, case air flow, room temp, how well the cooler is installed, etc.

    A very general answer, without knowing all of that, is probably.
  15. What about the Scythe Mugen 2 Rev. B?
  16. I can only find one review on it in my quick search (I don't actually know much about it), but it looks to perform very nearly the same as the 212 Evo.
  17. Best answer selected by swallowtail.
  18. If it's only a little bit better, it wouldn't be worth the extra $10. I will go with the Hyper 212 Evo, with the Arctic MX-4. Thanks!
  19. The Mugen 2 Rev B is actually quite a bit better than the Hyper 212. When I bought mine it was the best of the budget coolers at $35. It has been discontinued though and replaced by the Mugen 3 with similar performance.,2535-14.html
  20. You're welcome. :)
  21. I was wondering why I couldn't find many reviews on it, but if it's older, that makes some sense.

    The review I saw placed it slightly below a CM V6GT, though, hence where I got my conclusion from.
  22. The sythe is actually a lot better. I might go with that instead, but I'm gonna read more about it.
  23. kriseamo said:
    What case do you have and what fans are currently in it?

    I haven't gotten anything yet, I am waiting until Black Friday. I am debating between the Hax 912, Antec Three Hundred, and NZXT Guardian Black. Will the Sythe Mugen 2 fit in it?
  24. I have a 212 Evo paired with a 3570k. I would not recommend 5 GHz. For stress testing with something like Prime95, 4.5 GHz is about the highest you want to clock it.

    For video card benchmarking, you could get away with 4.7 GHz, but the frames per second difference between 4.5 and 4.7 is negligible.

    Also, why would you want your CPU clocked at 5 GHz all the time? That makes no sense and is a waste of electricity, and simply generates needlessly excessive heat and noise. Your PC will sound like a jet engine. Just set your turbo-boost at the 4.4 to 4.5 range.
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