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I recently purchased a new system and I am seeing some pretty high temperatures with my NH-D14. The settings are all stock on my i5-3570K with a Gigabyte Z77-UP5 TH motherboard. My case is the Corsair 600T. My noctua fans are running around 1300 RPM which from the web site is the max RPM for them.

My idle temperatures are spiking up in the mid 40's and after seeing that I am not attempting to overclock my processor yet. Again, my 3570K is at stock settings (3.8ghz, 1.056V).

I've tried applying my thermal compound using several methods and I've done it so much I actually ran out of the stuff that came with the heatsink (glad I bought another syringe!).
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  1. 1. it doesn't surprise me that their running at 100%, most case fans will

    2. if you have power saving features off, a mid 40 idle wouldn't surprise me either, make sure the cpu isnt active.... the pea method works good, would just stick with that, make sure you're not applying too much
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