System hangs after wake with Agility 3

I just installed my first SSD; an OCZ Agility 3. Everything seems to be ok except when I wake the computer from sleep. The system comes up right away, but then hangs for about 30 seconds. I can move the mouse but if I go to open a program, I just get a spinning blue circle for 30 seconds or so and then the program will open and the system will be normal. I have never experienced this problem before on my system so I assume it is the SSD that is causing the problem. Here is info on my system that I feel is relevant to the problem:

-ASUS M3N78-Pro
-Fresh install of Windows 7 Ultimate x64
-SSD is running on Sata ii
-SSD has latest firmware
-AHCI is enabled in BIOS
-BIOS has latest updates
-Suspend mode is S3
-Hard Drives do not sleep under Power Settings
-Hibernation has been disabled
-Superfetch and Prefetch are disabled
-Indexing is disabled
-TRIM is enabled
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  1. What kind of security do you have installed? Is it set to scan your computer upon start? I find that can do it if it takes priority over other programs.

    Look at what is in the start up by typing msconfig. Some start up programs can do this too. Try disabling different start up till it stops.
    Try a tune-up program as well like System Mechanic or Advanced Systemcare. Put your old mechanical HDD back in and see if it still has same problem. If it doesn't then it has to be either windows 7 or the SSD.
    To determine which will be painful as reinstalling or waiting to get a SSD replacement would suck. I don't have an answer as each situation is different but the best way is to isolate the problem. There are so many things that could cause this that its not funny.
  2. I just have AVG Free running. Startup programs and "Scan upon startup" only refers to an actual start up (boot) right? My problem is upon waking from sleep mode.
  3. Sleep and wake is heavily dependent on video drivers. Try updating or downgrading your drivers to see if that helps. It could be your board doesn't like SSD being somewhat old of a chipset. Another thing you could try is to put your SSD onto another of the 6 ports. Maybe pulling your ram and putting back in. Try disconnecting your optical drive then start it up. A hardware issue can cause this sometimes so its nice to know. Also i was reading that this board can occasionally have problems with sleep mode.
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