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Hi guys,

Just wondering if anyone here has faced the issue of adjusting your overclock over time. So I have PC with a 2500k processor that when I bought new was OC at 4.0ghz at 1.21v, at 55 degrees C when new. Recently, however I have seen my temps go up around 5-10 degrees when under load than last May when I bought it. It's probably due to dust and stuff I used the can air but I haven't taken anything apart.

My question is that with my OC temps of close to 70 under load now what should I do? I can lower the overclock to like 3.8 and it goes down to like 60 or do you think I should take anything apart? I am just suprised that in 18 months, my temps have risen that much.
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  1. 18 months is awhile. Just take the side of the case off and clean out the heatsink/fan
  2. Think a good cleaning of fans, heatsinks, dust filters and such will improve your temps. Also neaten up your cable management if its blocking any intake airflow.
  3. I cleaned my heatsink, after 6 months, and I found a lot of dust. Afterwards the CPU temps dropped by 3-5C. I used a cloth and qtips to clean it, then used an air can. Air can alone is not good enough if you're cleaning the heatsink.

    A 2500k should overclock much higher. I wouldn't dare back mine down. The heart problem isn't from the CPU. What's your mobo?
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