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I just got a Radeon HD 5770 video card. After installing it, I experience flickering. After a fresh restart, it doesn't flicker at first, but within a few hours the flicker is unbearable and incredibly distracting. I read the solution in the thread specified for the HD4800 series, but I can not find the ATI Overdrive feature. I've downloaded and installed the most updated driver numerous times (always uninstalling the previous driver first) and still nothing. Please help!

Okay... I found the ATI Overdrive feature, however, the recommended solution seemed to have been to lower the memory clock to 900 mhz, however, I can't lower mine past 1200 mhz. My GPU clock is at 850 mhz.

Again, thanks for any help.
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  1. U can try your card on another computer to see whether the flicker is still exist.
    If yes then rma the card and get a replacement... :)
  2. Unfortunately I don't have another computer to test it out on.

    Also unfortunately, I started getting really weird colors, so I'm just going to RMA it and get a different card.
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