CPU Running Hot Or Is It the Mobo

Well I just got a 955 BE And a new Mobo. One day I look at my temps and they are at 65 and my fan is not kicking into full speed. I finally got it to kick into full speed 24/7 but I can't get it to work properly. At full speeds it also seems as though the CPU is running hot.
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  1. 65C is too hot for a 955BE to be running safely. AMD's max rated temperature is 62C.

    What are you using for checking the temperatures? Also, is this the stock heatsink? What thermal paste?
  2. It is a rocketfish heatsink with arctic silver.
    Note: 65 was at load
  3. Do you have a link to your heatsinks model? I would take the heatsink off, reapply a very thin layer of AS5, and make sure the heatsink is creating firm contact with the CPU.
  4. Already tried that.
  5. Is this: your heatsink? The Phenom II 955BE X4 is a 125W TDP processor. I assume that your heatsink is rated for about ~90 or so TDP, your processor might just simply be putting out too much heat for your heatsink to dissipate it fast enough.
  6. No my friend has same exact system and he idles at 32.....
  7. What program are you running to check your temperatures? Run HWMonitor, and see what it reports for idle/load temperatures. Also, note what your VCore is set at.
  8. I use speedfan coretemp and amd overdrive. Right now my fans stuck on highest setting and i idle at like 38 and load is like 50ish. Voltage is stock 1.32
  9. Alright, what speed is your processor at? Using AMD Overdrive, have you overclocked it at all? 38 Idle with a load in the low 50's isn't bad at all.
  10. 38 idle is with fan at full speed and i had it overclocked to 3.7 with 1.42v for like 5 days or so and then the fan thing started and it wasnt running at full speed. Now I got it at stock clocks but with fan at full speed 24/7. Once again tht 38 is at fully running fan.
  11. What are you ambient temperatures? With a Hyper 212+, I have my C2 955BE @ 3.7GHz at 1.31V. The temps range from 36 Idle to 51 max load with Prime95. Ambient is 23C where my computer is at.

    What kind of fans and case do you have? Good airflow will help reduce your CPU's temperatures.
  12. I don't think its the ambient or anything... Im trying to find out if my cpu is running hot or my fan isnt workign right.
  13. Your heatsink can't cool your CPU lower than the ambient temperature. A higher ambient (room) temperature will produce higher idle/load temps. As it stands now, if you are maxing your CPU out in the low 50's that is fine for your processor.

    As far as the fan goes, do you have SmartFan enabled in BIOS? If so, you can disable SmartFan so that your CPU fan will run 100% speed all the time.
  14. My CPU fan is running 24/7 at full speed. This is why I think the 50's are high because im getting 50s with fan at full speed and 40 idle with full speed fan.
  15. The Phenom II is a quad-core with a TDP of 125W. That heatsink isn't the best, so your temperatures are where they should be. They aren't all that high, but they can be lower with a better heatsink setup.
  16. Yes but the fans still messed up and my friend with same setup and fan gets 32 on idle at idle fan speed...
  17. bump.... someone help plz
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    Help how? I have already told you that your temps aren't too hot. You can't compare two systems, even with the same parts, and expect exact results. There are too many variables.

    The case airflow in yours might be worse than your friends case. Your heatsink might have a rougher surface. You might have too much/too little thermal paste. Your CPU might produce more heat than his. Your voltages may be higher than his. Your room may be hotter than his.

    50C on load isn't bad. Your friend might be using Cool'n'Quiet, and you might not be. That would produce those lower temperatures.
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