Suggestions on final build**please**

I decided to use move a couple things around from my old build i had due to i needed to fit windows 7 into my budget(800-900USD)

any other thoughts on this build?

Will this graphics card be able to run WoW and possibly diablo3 and starcraft 2 down the road?
Also will this powersupply be fine for this setup?
is this a certian thermal paste i should be using?

thoughts please.
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  1. I would change that HDD to a Samsung F3 500 or a seagate 7200.12 500

    You dont need the paste your stock fan will come with it

    the GPU should be enough to play games at 1980x1080 on high setting - crysis

    I would look into other ram like Corsair or gskill OCZ
  2. yea i was thinking about changing the ram also this is what a i found

    now will that powersupply support this setup without problems?
    and why change the HDD isnt WD decent brand, checked the specs look the same

  3. That Ram is fine or you can go with a lower CL like 7

    That PSU is a good PSU and will power your rig

    WD is a good HDD but that one is a blue HDD I would go with a WD black HDD OR one of the others i suggested
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