Upgradeing from a gtx 260 oc not the 216 core one.

I was thinking of upgradeing my oc gtx 260 not the 216 core running at 640,1150,1363 to the ati 5840. And also geting a Samsung 2233SW to go with it.

My set up right now
is Phenom X4 955 oc to 3.4
windows xp/7 dual boot
1066 4gb ram
gtx 260 oc none 216 core 640,1150,1363
17" samsung 71n lcd square monitor only has a vga connection
850w thermalake psu

I was wondering if its worth the effort/money to get the new card along with the lcd screen. At my point in time.
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  1. I assume you mean the 5850? Then yes, you have everything you need to take full advantage of it. The 5850 would be about as good as two 260s that where 216 core in SLI, for comparison.
  2. Yah i ment the 5850 lol typos ftw with the gtx 260 even over clocked the 5850 well give me about 30 fps more then the gtx 260 give or take. Going by the charts i'm seeing?
  3. Ya the charts are very helpfull. Youve got a nice setup and I hope you enjoy it well.
  4. I love you and thank you very much plus i have a amd board so i hope i well not have issues/doa like some people :) And i have it ordered and its on its way :)
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