Help with Gig Network going to "sleep"

I have a newly installed Point-of-Sale system, which has 5 pc’s.
1pc is the “server” and the other 4 are regular terminals.
All 5 pc’s have the following:
Windows 7 32bit
Gigabit Network cards all running at 1gig
All connected through a Gigabit Switch
All network cords have been replaced and tested, and the Switch has also been replaced and tested.
No other software is installed on any of the PC’s except the POS program.

Problem: the server runs perfectly fine at all times. However, the other 4 pc’s seem to go to “sleep” after only a few minutes of non-use. Example: if you go to a pc (not the server) and attempt to take an order, it will take 5 to 30 seconds to communicate with the server… but once it communicates then that particular pc is lightning speed and has no issues no matter how long you work on it. If you walk away from it for more than just a couple of minutes and try to start another order, it will take another 5-30 seconds to communicate.

On all 5 pc’s I’ve created a “Custom Power Plan”, and turned off everything that would go to sleep or suspend. I’ve also gone to the Device manager to the Network Adapters and all of the USB Controllers and turned off all Power Save options.

Other than that, I cannot think of anything else that would go to sleep/hibernate/suspend that would be causing this problem. I am not 100% fluent with all of Windows 7 new features yet, but I’m sure there is something that I am missing.

Any thoughts?

Thank you all!
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  1. Does you check the configuration of your server?
  2. what perticular configuration are you reffering to?
  3. The network configuration
  4. " I’ve also gone to the Device manager to the Network Adapters and all of the USB Controllers and turned off all Power Save options."

    The Power Save Options for the Network Adapter itself is the only confiuration that I know of.
  5. all of the searching on Win7 network issues, i can not seem to find any other settings then the one's that I have already completed.

  6. uhmmm...big problem. Are you try with a driver update or downgrade?
  7. As far as the NIC Drivers, they are all using the default Windows 7 drivers.
    Do you believe it is a problem with the NIC Drivers on all the PC's, or just the Server?
  8. Install the last driver on the PCs and the server and see what happen.
  9. Is it possible that the Point of Sale system could be disconnecting the clients after they are idle for a set time period? It's hard to say without knowing what the software is and how it communicates between client and server. If new drivers don't work I'd start looking into the software as it seems you have done about everything else you can with Windows.
  10. As far as the POS, I also came to them with this problem. They do not have this issue with any other clients, however we seem to be one of the first to be using an all Windows 7 system. The only "time-out" that the POS has is it's database which is set to 12hours of idle time. Other then that we can not find any other problem.

    I will attempt to get new drivers and test them out, as all the PC's have different hardware in them, and they all have the same problem, i can assume if it IS a driver issue, that it would have to be the Server NIC driver.
  11. i installed the latest network drivers for the pc's, however they are still lagging.

    Thoughts on the next step?
  12. At this point i can't think any other thing. Maybe GPO that disconnect the PC if isn't active. But i'm not sure what could be the real problem.
  13. I thought maybe a setting in the Switch, but the Switch is non-managed so i guess there is no software for it.
    Instead I swapped it with a 10/100 switch, but it still does the same thing.

    Only thing i can think of, is that there is a setting in Win7 somewhere letting the network go to sleep in just a couple of minutes for some reason.
  14. BTW, what is GPO?
  15. GPO: Group Politic objet
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