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Motherboard update

I just flashed my bios to update although everything was working perfectly GA-EP45-UD3R/UD3now if I play a game or stress the computer it freezes I have hold down the power button to unfreez when I push the power again it starts and then turns off starts and turns off untill I pull the power cable out for a minute then it will boot like normal untill under stress again never had this problem in two years it ran everything even over clocked
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  1. I solved my own problem this morning. For others with a gigabyte board ( I love it best board out there) When you flash the bios do not forget to upon reboot after update go right to the bios and select optimum settings click yes & save or if you have a usb keyboard and/or mouse do not forget to enable it/them also before you leave bios and then save. Your system should be stable again if you do not do this your system will not be stable and wierd things happen. You can now go back in customize or over clock to your liking after you have tested your system for stability. This solved all my problems. You must optimize settings after bios update
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