Gigabyte ga-x38-dq6 usb card reader malfunction

I have installed two separate internal (wired to the USB header on MOBO) multi-card USB card readers that have malfunctioned. Both worked sporadically then quit. While I can see that the reader has power, and the USB port on it functions, the actual card readers don't. Sometimes when I plug a card into one of the explorer locks up and I have to reboot.Sometimes I'm also getting an error message on malfunctioning USB device. Currently running Windows 7 64bit. Any ideas? I'd love to have an internal card reader.
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  1. try the cards in the rear ports, see if they work, if they do then get a powered USB hub for the front
  2. Those. Things haveA notorious reputation for being crap.

    Numer13, i think he means memory cards not usb thingies
  3. Actually, it's an internal USB multi-function memory card reader.
  4. the kind that fits into a 3.5 inch bay?
  5. Yeah
  6. I have a internal mem card reader in my computer, 7 in 1, I think, it's in a 3.5"bay, Win 7 Ultimate, no problems with the USB connection header(the one you can plug into) or the card readers
    could be shovenose is right and they are dying, bought mine in China(where I'm living hahaha) and been working for 2 years now
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