Window xp on i5 64 bit(current os is window xp 64)

I re install/replace my window 7 64 bit to window xp 64 bit/xp 32 for my dell inspiron n5010 64 bit. (Because window 7 does not support i8kfangui for heating problem).
Please tell me in detail how I install xp 64 bit on my dell inspiron n5010, i5 processor, 64 bit, 4Gb Ram.
I want plan just install window xp 64 bit and than install easily i8kfangui for heating problem and than install virtual box/virtual machine and hope I can run Window 8/window7/mac os or ubuntu in future in virtual box/virtual machine.

I want Just clean install window xp on my dell inspiron n5010 64 bit.

You cannot install XP 64-bit on a new PC because you will not find all the drivers you need. XP 64-bit was only sold on PCs that had certified drivers available.

If you REALLY need XP, then you will need to install XP Pro 32-bit and live with the 4GB memory limit.
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thanks for information.....
I confuse you wrote "live with the 4GB memory limit." It's hard disk limit or Ram limit. My computer ram is 4GB.

I saw few other post that Window xp 64 bit also run perfectly in new i5 laptop also. but is not handle perfectly as compare window 7.

window xp 32 bit is good choice for me. so I can ran easily 8Ikfangui programme. but I try normal xp 32 bit Cd is also not install easily because I don't know the right procedure of Xp32/64 in dell inspiron n5010, 64 Bit, 4GB ram, 1GB ATI Graphic card. (xp installation is fail)

My second Query is After install Window Xp 32 bit Can I run Window 7 64 bit os on virtual Box/Virtual Machine. Can Xp 32 support window 7 64 bit on Virtual Box/Virtual Machine. My laptop is 64 bit.
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  1. I wouldn't do that. XP 64 bit has poor driver support. Your laptop most likely would not boot with XP x64 on it due to lack of drivers.
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