Need new CPU and Mobo

Current Setup:

Some Cheap Gigabyte Mobo (945GCM-S2C)
2X2 GB Corsair Ram 5-5-5-18
500 Watt CoolMax psu
4850 Diamond Video Card
21" Monitor 1440x900

Thinking about buying next week, but not set in stone.
First off when is AMD releasing its X6 processors? Or is that not Released yet?

I prefer to buy from Newegg But if you find it cheaper thats fine. Frys had This:

But i missed it. Crossfire is a plus, as i wouldnt mind crossfire 4850 or newer generation soon.

Gaming/Internet computer. MUST BE QUAD CORE, or i thought about getting a Tri Core and unlocking the 4th core.

Mild overclocking, and possible 3rd party cooler.

Thanks for your help and advice guys, been searching for 2 weeks, cant decide. Also i must admit i may not buy It now, as i may wait for my $500 tax return.

EDIT: My LGA 775 Board must go, Northbridge over heats like crazy and makes it impossible to overclock.
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  1. (pricewatch) has the Instanbul x6 2324 HE 2.0 for $501 (oem tray-socket 1207). The new frys ad has the i5 750 with Msi board for $185 after rebate.
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    1- The X6 comes out the 26th of April, that's in 3 days.
    2- If u want a quad core, buy a quad core, Phenom II X4, i5 or i7. The processor depends of the budget.
    3- Since is a new mobo with new processor, u also need new RAM. 4GB 1333 for AMD is a good option. 4GB 1600 for i5 and i7-8xx series or 6GB for i7-9xx series is the best option.
    4- For mild OC you can go with a CoolerMaster Hyper 212+, is the best option price/performance for CPU coolers.
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