HDD has no partition and it's write protected


I have a 500gb HDD model WDC WD50 which was installed in a Laptop and it's now connect to my PC.
When I go to Windows disk management it shows as Unknown - Not initialized - Not Alocated. If I try to make it Online it will give me an cyclic redundancy error. If I try to initialize it, I can't because option is greyed out. If I try to low format it, it says that device is write protected, even if I try to low format it using the Western Digital format tool.
How can I remove the write protection from it? Is there a way to bring this HDD back? It is brand new :(

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  1. Hi, Vollman.

    Didn't work. When I list the disks, it only shows my primary disk (Disk 0). It doesn't show the "no partition" one.

  2. at the disk selection screen, hit 'shift+f10'
  3. I am sorry man, where exactly?
  4. after you boot with the WIN disk in, you should come to a screen that shows your HDDs (minus the missing one). It also has option to format, partition etc.

    At this screen do the 'shift+f10'
  5. Is there a set of jumpers on the drive? You could have one set to write protect.
  6. saii, PC is running Windows 7 Ultimate 64bits, laptop were running Windows 7 Home Premium. When I try to set a partition style to this HDD, system won't let me, saying it's write protected.
  7. No jumpers, bak0n...
  8. did you hit 'shift-f10' at the disk selection screen?
  9. Vollman, if you're talking about the advanced partition settings in Windows install, forget it. tried all the options, and it will come up with an error saying that I can't create a partition, probably because of the goddamn write protection (that I'd never set, btw...)
  10. Method 8 cleans the disk (wipe and reformat). If you haven't tried it, its worth a shot. But its your call.


    Its not an 'option' that you would see.
  11. I would love to use this method, but the disk I'm talking about is not listed.
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    So you did these steps:

    1) Insert the DVD into the DVD drive.
    2) On the disk selection screen, press SHIFT+F10. A Command Prompt window opens.
    3) Type diskpart, and then press ENTER to open the diskpart tool.
    4) Type list disk, and then press ENTER. A list of available hard disks is displayed.

    And then the disk isn't listed?
  13. ok, I put it back to the laptop and now it was detected. selected it and then typed "clean all". It's still "thinking", I don't know how long it takes. HDD led is lit, so let's see. Will update you in a few!
  14. Heh, still thinking... I will let it work overnight and let you know :) Either way, thanks!
  15. yw and good luck with it ;)
  16. Good try, but it didn't work. Apparently, the disk was cleared but Windows installer keeps saying that I can't install / create a partition in that disk. I didn't had time to perform more tests after clearing it up, but the prospect isn't good. I will check this weekend. I believe I have a major physical issue with this HDD... Meh.

    Either way, thanks for your time Vollman. You and everyone else who tried to help...
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