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Ive recently decided that my upcoming new build wont need an 890FX chipset motherboard (after finding out that Bulldozer isn't going to be AM3 compatible). I'm therefore trying to find a slightly cheaper motherboard, however I still want it to be an 800 series chipset and have dual 8x crossfire. However, I'm seeing different specs for motherboards such as the MSI 870A-G54. Some say it has PCI-E at 8x/8x, some say 16x/4x (which would not do).

Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced 800 series motherboard that DEFINITELY has 8x/8x capability?

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  1. Well, if it gets close to £100, I may as well go ahead and get the 890FX board anyway, so I was looking at around £80. And I'm in the UK.
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