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I am purchasing the Antec Eleven Hundred series mid tower case for a gaming rig I am building. The case comes with 2 fans built in and slots for an addition 7 120mm case fans. I am wondering what the ideal number of case fans are for a gaming rig. Should I go ahead and fill up all 7 addition fan slots? Also, what type of fans should I purchase? Ideally, I would like fans that are relatively quiet and cheap (~$5 per fan if possible?)

Thank you in advance!
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    I would think a total of 4 fans would be plenty, two intake, two exhaust. Your case comes (supposively) with two exhaust fans so two intakes should work. Perhaps an additional intake for the graphics card (I think you can mount a fan on the door). I found this set of 4 fans that seem to be quiet and are relatively inexpensive as a set.
    Hope it helps
  2. I've been using Noctua case fans for the last 4 years , fugly , but they work well. Have yet to replace one and they run 24/7 . Quiet and they move lots of air . I use 1 in front , 1 in the back and one side fan . This is the new model , I'm sure it is as good or better tan the ones I use .
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