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Dell dimension 9150 cpu upgrade:mobo xps400

Hi I would like to upgrade my dell dimension 9150 cpu to a intel core2duo e7600. i've been reading some threads and people have said that you couldn't. The chipset I have is i945p and in intel it said it supports intel core2duo . The max speed is 1066 that the chipset supports and the cpu is 1066(c2d). Will it work?

Thanx in advance, Dman :bounce: sorry i put this thread under mobo. new to this.

pentium d 2.8ghz
nvidia gt 240 1gb ddr5
3gb ddr2 ram
mobo xps400

In therory it should work.

i945p chipset info:

c2d e7600
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    (case your still alive) Check this from a previous similar question:

    "The Dell Dimension 9100/XPS400 does have the i945P chipset. Unfortunately, the best processor you can get in on of the 9xx series Pentium D. That chipset does NOT support any of the Core 2 processors. I know....I had one of those machines!

    You can upgrade the memory, and a Geforce 7900 GT or GS would definately improve your system performance over the X600. Considering you can pick one of those up on Ebay for $25, or buy a new one for ~$60, it might be worth picking one up.

    Otherwise, save your money and buy/build a more upgradeable machine."

    Linky here x)
  2. Lol i wasn't suggesting to upgrade the video, i just quoted that from another post XD
  3. Dell's {proprietary MOBO} don't support CPUs like standalone consumer MOBO's; meaning the BIOS may be limited to a handful of CPUs only -> DUMMY DOWN {unrecognized processor ID} unsupported CPUs. The best way is to "find" which CPUs are supported is to "find" which were were part of the original Dell's {options} of the Dell 9150. You'll need to, MTL Google "Dell 9150" +---CPU

    Another Good reason to build your own rig.
  4. Quote:
    my bad.. lol

    lol it's all good mate. :D
  5. Thanx, I wasn't sure but now i have another problem because i wanted to upgrade mobo but the case is btx and most good mobos are atx.
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