SSD write speed is slower than HDD

I have an OCZ Agility 3 60GB SSD. I use it for booting windows and BF3. I ran a Read/Write test today with CrystalDiskMark and had some strange results. The SSD is running at AHCI on a SATA 3 port. I have a AMD Phenom 1100T X6 running at 3.8GHz. When running the test I realized I only got around 200 MB/s read and only 60 MB/s write compared to 100 MB/s with the HDD. Below are screen caps.



I'm confused as to what is causing the write speed to be this slow with the SSD. It is running the latest 2.15 firmware.
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  1. Advertised speeds for your drive are with ATTO & AS-SSD benchmark software.

    Also note that your CrystalDiskMark test wrote 20GB of test data to your SSD. If you ran more than 1 benchmark you should logoff overnight to allow Garbage Collection to recover drive performance.
  2. But either way wouldn't you say the fact the HDD has faster write speeds is strange? Even if the programs used to benchmark the advertised speeds wasn't used. Would you recommend anything?
  3. its only faster if what you are writing is written sequentially in which on a drive that size is very unlikely. And that would need to be a pretty big file so that is not really an issue. the other three write numbers are a bit more important unless you are using the SSD for Video storage and large archives.

    also -> take a look at the AS-SSD marks and you will see that you are within 5-10MB/s of what you should be expecting.
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    I believe your results are normal.

    CrystalDiskMark uses incompressible data to test Read/Write speeds.
    AS-SSD also uses incompressible data to test Read/Write speeds.
    Advertised AS-SSD speeds for your drive are "up to" 180 MB/s Read and 65 MB/s Write.

    If you are looking for the 525 MB/s Read and 475 MB/s Write speeds you need to benchmark with ATTO.
  5. Really appreciate it you guys.
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  7. Also ensure that AHCI is enabled. AHCI was not enabled on my OCZ Vertex 3 120GB and my read speeds were about 310 and my write speeds were around 90. I enabled AHCI and my read speeds went to 470 and my write speeds to around 140 (using CrystalDiskMark).
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