7200 rpm or 5900 storage drive for games

im building a new pc i will be using a 120 gig ssd for my operating system i need a large storage drive mostly for my games i have a exernal 1TB for everything else im looking at a 1TB sata 6.0 7200 rpm 32 cache and another drive 2TB sata 6.0 5900 rpm 64mb cache i need space more than performance but not so much performance loss that my games become laggy or take forever to load the 2tb is cheaper and offers more space my question is will my games be fine or are they going to lag or have noticeable slower loading times?
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  1. if u have budget for 7200 then go for it even 5900 are good they might take some more time to load(in seconds) but wont affect ur gameplay or decrease ur fps:)
  2. thanks
  3. The whole point of getting a 120GB SSD is to install the OS, programs and games on it. I have a 120GB Vertex 2 and with Windows 7 X64 Ultimate, Office 2007, programs and 10 to 12 games I have about 38-40GB free. Just uninstall games when you are done with them. Very easy especially with Steam.

    Get the cheapest drive you can for storage.
  4. if you have room for extra memory you can use a program like Romex's Fancycache to cache the data on the storage drive give it around 1-3GB and that drive will be even faster than the SSD after the data is cached. It has an effect on initial loading of data but seems to have the best when it is accessed again.

    But even a 5900rpm drive isn't going to cause lag issues. Loading might be slow but that should be about it.

    NOTE: Do not use deferred writes on a system that is not connected to a UPS backup battery (Or a notebook with a battery).
  5. Also when using an SSD remember to turn page filing off.

    For an storage drive just go with a decent Samsung drive, dont go with a cheap one unless you want to run the risk of it failing and losing your data.
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