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Hello! Long time reader, first time poster.

I am currently running an i7-920 @ 4.0ghz with 6GB DDR3 Dominator and two HIS 4870 IceQ 1GB's running in crossfire. The whole setup is currently installed in a Thermaltake Speedo.

The two 4870's run loud while gaming, and by loud I mean wind tunnel loud. With full detail on in something like L4D2, MW2, or Champions online the fans will easily push it past 50% fan activity and its just distracting/annoying. The constant spinning up and spinning down depending on what I am looking at in game. Don't get my wrong, my rig runs anything nicely, but for the love of Pete the inconstant noise just drives me crazy.

I tried manually setting the fan speeds which leads me to my question. Even when I lock the speed at say, 50%, I can hear one of the cards still auto changing and revving up with what is going on in game, instead of holding to the 50%. If I disable crossfire, card 1 responds to the forced 50%. However when I do that I have now totally destroyed the point of 2 GPUs :sarcastic:

SO, is there a way to separately monitor both GPU's AND control what each is doing? I have been using GPU-Z and Speedfan along with CCC, but it numerous Google's have failed to give me some kind of answer or solution to my fan speed/noise issue.
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  1. You could always underclock the cards a bit. Also depending on the game you can set the max fps to 30 (or 1/2 your refresh rate) which reduces the load on the graphics card a lot and it will look better because your frames will match up with your monitor's refresh rate.
  2. That is a fabulous idea, unfortunately in all my computer wisdom I have never attempted it before. I nosed around in CCC and didn't see a way to limit 30fps in 3D applications or anywhere for that matter. I also did a quick Google and couldn't get a straight answer. If anyone could be so kind as to let me know how to do this. Battlefield Bad Company 2 runs my activity at 98% with high details and stutters. I'm also a big fan of V-sync, I cant stand tearing, so I keep it forced on. Making high graphic games run at 30fps instead of 60fps would most likely really help out all around. (If someone can educate me. :D )

    I'm running a Samsung 24" @ 1920x1200 60mhz with full blast everything in games and in CCC. I tried underclocking the GPU's from the 770/1000 they come at factory overclocked, to 750/900 and even a 600/800. Performance didn't seem to affected, however the fan continued to idle at 35% and rev to wind tunnel noises during games.

    When I used to run one 4870, before buying the second, I could underclock the mem down to 500 which was the lowest allowable through CCC. This would cool the card down enough that the fan would drop to 0%. Since adding a second card, even with it disabled, that trick no longer works.
  3. This reply may be a little too late but I have a similar crossfire setup. I have a 4870 iceq turbo (770, 1000) and a non-turbo (750, 900). I use rivatuner to overclock, underclock, and control my fans. I think it would be hard to keep the cards cool enough without running the fans above 50%. I have a rivatuner profile that runs both cards at 250, 250 with 35% fan when the gpu load is less than 30% to keep them cool and quiet. Over 30% load they both go to 825, 900 and the fans increase 5% with every 2.5 degrees. The fans run 55% to 60% at less than 60 degrees normally while gaming. Overclocking the memory adds heat and not much extra performance. Using this sort of fan profile will get rid of the constant up and down fan whirring but you would have to really underclock your cards to keep the fans silent.
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