Zyxel Gateway problem with Xbox Live

Hey, first off, I don't know if WAN/LAN was the correct place to post about this problem, but hopefully its ok.
Secondly, I don't have a master degree in english so if anything here is written in a odd way, please tell me so I can explain it.

To the problem

My Zyxel P2602HWT (http://www.expert.no/product/product.aspx?identifier=P2602HWT&cookie_test=true) have been great so far. Had it for a few weeks, but when I bought Xbox Live, before being aware that some gateways and routers dont support it, problems occured.
When I started Xbox Live for the first time, it worked.. Every time since that day the connection has left me crying after 10 minutes or less. The entire Zyxel device shuts down, I lose internett in the entire house, and then it gets back on after a few minutes. but Xbox Live wont start again if this happens without a full reboot of the console. So I can basically use Xbox Live for a few min at the time. Pretty annoying.

BUT, it seems it DOES work with Xbox Live, luckily, but I do need to download new firmware and edit some firewall settings. (Read this on a post, and responses were that the firmware instantly fixed it in most cases with the Zyxel device.) I've fixed the firewall settings, but the firmware (http://moya.zyxel.no/multimodem/) seems impossible to install for me. Been doing some real research on binary files myself, but I just can't get to the bottom of how I use this exact file (Tried Mounting it with several programs, no luck there).. Read somewhere that I am suppose to flash the file, but I found out nothing about how to do that.

So I ask a more international site then the other one I tried to see if someone can help me out: How the @£#! do I install the firmware? And if the problem sounds like a different problem to you guys, what could it be?

Thanks a lot in advance, don't wanna waste my 1 Year membership of XB Live, you know!
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  1. Okay I managed to install the firmware (jesus that was pretty easy) but its the same as I have, so the problem cannot be that. Firewall settings should be ok, the device has been rebooted, what could I possibly do wrong?

    The Zyxel device still stops after a few min, and the connection on the pc is also lost until I take the cable out and stick it back in after the Xbox Live service stops.
    The device is really hot by the way. Could it be that I have to put it in bridge mode with a router for it to handle two connections? This is really weird..
  2. Appreciating even a hello in this thread, would feel better then the awkward silence.. :(
  3. Maybe it's just defective?
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