$500 to spend on new mobo, cpu and video card

I'm all set with psu, ram, hd, dvdrom, etc

I have an asus m2n-e, amd dual 2.0ghz and geforce 7900

what's the best bang for the buck if i'm looking to stay under $500? thanks!
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  1. the CPU and GPU are both excellent choices, but i would hesitate to recomend an asus MOBO. i have had bad experiences with them, and know of many others who have had the same.

    id recommend going with a gigabyte or biostar board. the Mobo im using (in my sig) is excellent, though im not sure how much it costs in the US. certainly worth it if within your budget.
  2. I vote for gigabyte also. If you do that, you could even go with the 770 chipset version that they have along with having USB3 and SATAIII.
  3. All good choices.

    Nothing wrong with Asus boards if you ask me. They and Gigabyte have always seemed to be pretty reliable. Biostar, on the the other hand, I've heard a lot of bad things about.

    I would absolutely not downgrade to a triple-core processor to save $80 if you're already investing in a 5850. Although you might be able to save some money by looking for a CPU/mobo combo deal.
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