How to copy files from hard drive to external hard drive from non-working comput

My desktop cannot boot up so I need to transfer fiiles from the hard drive to an external hard drive with a working laptop.
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  1. Only way I know how to do it is to take the drive out and put it in an compatible external enclosure!
  2. You could put it in another working desktop and it should be recognized as another drive, D: E: whatever. then you could transfer the files via USB which would take a lifetime, or over a network crossover cable which should allow direct transfer from one computer to another from the RJ-45 ports, no router or anything other than the cable needed.
  3. Without removing the drive from the dead computer, this is not possible. The computer kind of needs to work to be able to use it. Since your other computer is a laptop, this probably isn't going to be that easy since standard desktop drives don't fit in a laptop.

    Easiest thing to do is buy a cheap external HDD dock from Newegg. You can find them for $10-$15.
  4. Is the Desktop dead or it just dont boot? If it just wont boot, boot up a live CD like Ubuntu, and copy files that way.
  5. What messages are you getting if any? Keep in mind that it might not be booting because the hard drive itself is bad
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