Overclocking 3770K and Raid Gaming Question

Can I run 2 Cosair 120GB Force 3's and 2 1TB WD Black's in raid 10 and any benefits in gaming? Building a system on a Asus Maximus Formula V, 3770k (I'm going to overclocking), 16GB and a GeForce GTX 680 4GB
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  1. do you know what raid 10 is? I'm asking because you want to mix ssd and hd.
  2. Maybe not so much. I thought what I would be able to do is combine the 2 SSD's as the raid 0 portion to increase speed and size and the raid 1 portion to mirror my data, can that be done or should I just run a raid 0 with the SSD's and write not so important data to the HDD's?
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