How do i move files from the front to the rear of a hard disk?


Can anyone help me with this question? I want to move the files so that I can reduce the partition size on the C: drive and increase the size of the D: drive.
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  1. You need to move files from your C drive to another drive - an external will do the job. Uninstalling programs you no longer use will also save space on C. Also run disk cleanup on both drives.

    After changing partition sizes, move the files from the external back to C or D.
  2. If it is a single drive that has been partitioned you will not be able to do this easily, especially if your OS is on the C partition. You can try a program like Partition Magic or something similar, but I would make sure to have a backup of your important stuff or you could lose it all.
  3. 1. Clear out any unwanted software or files from C:
    2. Then Defrag C to put it in order (important!!!!).
    3. Use a partitioning software to resize (Partition Magic, Gparted etc.)

    Don't resize too much you dont want to ruin your system partition!
    Also leave enough space on C for future use!
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