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Hello TomsHardware,my name is Robin my email is robinlinux47@gmail.com.
I have this simple question for you, is there or do you know of a single card to be specific with Double or 2 PCIE x16, in otherwords one card without using Crossfire sitting/terminating in two PCIE x16 slots at the same time?
I ask this because my friend told me that he saw one and i would love to know or even buy one.
I will be glad if you reply my simple question. Thank you.
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  1. So a card that plugs into two PCIE lanes at the same time? Not that I have heard of.

    I think before the GTX 295 came out there was some speculation/hoax that the card was this huge 4 slot behemoth and someone made a good photoshopped picture of it. Maybe that’s what your friend saw.
  2. Hello Paperfox, can you get me a link with picture of that card you are talking about please?Thanx man
  3. Now I remember its the ""Nvidia GeForce 295x2 GTFO ATI Edition!" and "Nvidia GeForce 295x4 ATI STFU Edition!"

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