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please help me for difrence between local ups and branded ups price
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  1. ???

    If you really need a UPS, spend the money and get a recognized brand. I would never buy anything but APC or (maybe) Triplite.
  2. Look for a one that gives you 5 years warranty on the apc and its batteries , covers you for damage due to failure and comms with you pc for remote shutdown.
  3. I agree with Das_stig but would like to add:

    When you consider that nothing will protect your from a direct lightning strike, having something that provides you with replacement insurance might be worth the extra $$

    If your only concern is with spikes, brownouts, or loss of power then most non-brand names would suffice just be sure to research on them to make sure they are able to actually do work / have what you want.
  4. The difference would be the quality of the internal components.

    If you really need one then try to acquire a branded one. It's main purpose is to save you from mess when things go wrong (power failure, lighting, surges, etc). It would be bad if the UPS itself is the one who fails along the way.
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