Question that needs to be answered soon please guys? Thanks very much

Hiya everyone,

My girlfriend really wants to be able to play H.D films and t.v programs on her computer and when she tries at the moment it is far to laggy to watch. Here are her current P.C specs, Dell Optiplex GX280, pentium 4 2.88GHZ, 250gig SATA hardrive, Nvidia 7200gs low profile, 220Watt psu, windows 7 ultimate. Its not amazing for some things but it certainly does the job. If i upgraded her GFX card to a HDCP card like am running Radeon 4650 low profile. ( A 512mb about 1.5GB virtual memory ) would she be able to run H.D ok?

Thankyou so much for any comments helping me.

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  1. Oh forget to mention if it does change anything the processor is hyper threading.
  2. Using Media Player Classic - Home Cinema she should be able to play hd content, if it follows the profiles for DXVA decoding.

    Here is a guide to correctly setup MPC-HC for DXVA playback.
  3. Yes, a 4650 would allow for lag-less blu-ray watching, if she bitstreams encoded audio over HDMI then you might want to look into a 5450.
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