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I plan on building a case desk. Its going to be where I work, play, and hold all my computers guts. Basically like this I just want to know what I should be worry of. I plan on making it 4x2.5Feet, with a plexiglass sheet in the middle to see the insides. I'm making this all out of wood, and plexiglass. I'm going to put around 6 120mm fans into the wood frame to cool the insides. I'm also worried about the depth of the desk, that holds the insides. From the bottom of my motherboard, to the top of my CPU fan is around 7inches. I'm going to try and make the depth 8 inches deep. But that makes me worry about how I'm going to be able to sit up under my desk. I don't want my desk so high up where my arms are all up in the air, but I don't want my knees to hit the depth where all the insides are. Give me your opinions please.

I also wish I could get the plans for that would be very very helpful.

Thanks guys!, Xion.
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  1. That looks really, really cool. The first thing that popped into my head was: airflow...or a lack there of when using wood. Make sure you sand stain and seal the wood well. Unless you're going with water cooling...which to be honest, would probably be the best bet.

    The wood is going to act as an insulator. You should extract the heat from the case via water cooling.

    Yea....water cool everything.

    And lots of LED's pls. Post lots o' pics.
  2. On another note, if the desk is too low for your liking, and the bottom of it is sitting in ur lap, do what i did...fabricate a 4x4 wooden platform for each leg, and drill a hole for the pegs to sit in. It'll take some effort to make it look nice, but you can custom fit it to ur liking.
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