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Hi Guys (and girls)

After 3 years I've started to have POST issues with my Striker Extreme. I count myself lucky I got 3 years out of it after scanning mobo forums.

I want to replace it for a similar, but better, mobo that is compatible with my CPU and memory but have spent a few hours trying to sort out if the RAM will be compatible.

This is my RAM and CPU:
- Corsair 2048MB TwinX XMS2 8500 DDR2 EPP, SLI Ready, Dominator, Memory Kit (2 x 1024MB) - DDR PC2-6400
- Intel Q6700 Quadcore CPU

Could anyone recommend a good and currently available Mobo hopefully not the 680i chipset.

Thanks in advance for reading

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  1. Ahh, that's cool. I was looking for a mobo with a G41 chipset. It supports upto 16GB or RAM, very nice as well.
    Looks like I could do a little bit of upgrading with that Mobo.

    Thanks for the info Maziar
  2. Well G41 has less features than P45 along with worse cooling,if you don't care about those then go for it.
  3. Ooops sorry, the G41 was a miss type, I meant to type G45 :pt1cable:

    Thanks again :hello:

    (I like this forum's emoticons)
  4. G45 still has less features than P45.("P" series are usually the best), what do you think about the ASUS P5Q which i first posted ?
  5. The OP has DDR2 RAMs and that Gigabyte one supports DDR3 modules.
  6. Big thanks Maziar :)

    I found it on a UK website called Scan and I'm going to buy the one you posted.

    Brilliant :)
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