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Help needed for mounting pump/resv in case

November 20, 2012 9:21:48 AM

I am having trouble finding out just how to mount my pump and res to the case. It is a Swiftech 655 single pump attached to a Bitspower pump top mod 150 tube. I have 2 360 rads in the front of my case where there is a UN mount attached to the bottom fan on the rad. There is no room at the bottom to fit this which is why it needs to be vertical. I have the silver Bitspower mounting plate attached to the pump block. But I do not know how to screw that in securely to the UN mount attached to the bottom fan on the rad as there are no screw thread holes on that bracket.

Basically, what I am wanting to know is how to mount a pump with res attached to it vertically in my case. I think I have all the right parts, but not sure and need some advice for those that have a vertical pump/res mounted in their system.