Updating the BIOS on my Asus A8n sli deluxe

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  1. soop said:
    Hi Guys


    I'm updating my bios, and it says update the chipset to 6.5 for XP and 6.6 for win 2003/2k.. If I'm running Windows 7, which one do I choose?
  2. Updating the BIOS huh.! All the very best.. Don't blow up anything..
  3. Emperus said:
    Updating the BIOS huh.! All the very best.. Don't blow up anything..

    Yeah, TBH, I'd rather not - but I just put a new CPU in, and it doesn't recognise it as a dual core :(

    I did type all that out first of all, but then it wouldn't let me edit my damn post.
  4. What mobo exactly there are more versions of the Asus A8n. What CPU?
  5. It's an Asus a8n sli deluxe and an Athlon skt 939 4200+ x2.

    Updater is telling me there's no ASUS motherboard when I run it...
  6. I can't even tell what version I have now. Although the two 4200+ x2s should both be compatible at revision 1013
  7. Can I use a newer updater to update an older ROM?
  8. There are more ways to update the BIOS.

    Go in All programs/Accessories/System Tools/System information and see what version you have now.
  9. Ah, i says:
    Phoenix Technologies, LTD ASUS A8N-SLI DELUXE ACPI BIOS Revision 1006 03/03/2005.

    Doesn't seem to tie in with the revision numbers on Asus' support site though...
  10. strike that, of course it ties in. So yeah, I'm running an old revision.

    Also: I hav no flooopy drive, and my USB stick is fubar'd. I got some SD Cards though
  11. Do you have a CD or DVD writer?


    It's better to make two CDs, one with your current version - 1006 - on the same page in order to have a backup in case anything goes wrong and one with the 1016.

    Then update the drivers as they say. You can find the chipset drivers under "Others" on the same page, get the V6.65 for XP.
  12. guh... I made a bootable CD, but that's all it's got on it. Maybe it didn't like the length of the directory name?
  13. Don't you have a friend with knowledge in flashing the BIOS, it's a bit tricky this stuff, better be done by somebody who knows what to do.
  14. No not really. Don't get m wrong, I'm 31 and I've been taking apart PCs since god knows when, but I've never done a BIOS update on a PC.

    I was really wary having seen it done on phones before, but when I heard there was an application I was set at ease: http://www.avforums.com/forums/apple-tv/1323811-apple-tv-encoding-ipod-also-wmc.html

    However, it's not so easy.

    The next CD Also was JUST a boot disc. As long as I can figure this bit out, I might be going somewhere. Be much more cost-effective if my USB key worked though.

    Thanks for your patience BTW Mosox, it's appreciated.
  15. OK, I see now that Asus has quite a few utilities for updating the BIOS but under the "BIOS utilities" on your mobo page there's no windows 7 utility (some work from windows) so it's better to contact them and ask. I found this one:



    Asus forums:

    Whatever you do don't update from a file from the internet but from a file that you downloaded on your PC and select to save the current BIOS file.
  16. Thanks again. I'm in bed now, but I'll research tomorrow, and hopefully get time to try your advice
  17. got it working in the end using a CD, AWDflash.exe and the /tiny flag

    Thanks for the help
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