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Dominator GT 2k Mhz with 920 and 975

November 20, 2012 11:22:30 AM


I am currently running:

  • i7 1366 920oc'd @ 4015Mhz cooled by Corsair WC P/P with 2 noctuas

  • 12GB dominator @ 1912mhz with airflow

  • Mobo: DX58SO Extreme Series

  • GPUs: Radeon HD 4890 + Nvidia 8800 GT with side Noctua 14'' on cards

  • 5 screens 3x 18'' and 2x 22''.

    I think time has come for an upgrade, so 3 questions:

    1. As you can see I have to run my dominator under-clocked to keep my processor stable, or it just wont take the high QPI. It currently runs stable but ever once in while I have the odd blue screen, while playing hard core values say on crysis... once a month or so, I am looking at matching an extreme Processor bcs the RAM is built for that, would this solve the stability problem?

    2. What would be a reasonable price for a 975 Extreme (I don't want to go hexacore yet, too expensive, and nor enough Mthreading support so far ==> feel free to react if you think I am wrong)

    3. Anybody any experience whit dominator GT DDR 3 CMT12GX3M3A2000c9 (made for Extreme CPUs) and a 975 Extreme on a DX58SO in terms of overclocking? Is it worth the upgrade?

    With my 920, I am looking at losing 82mhz, gain on RAM is usually marginal and would not make a difference I guess, still but I am curious to see how much other people have achieved with a 975 + Dominator GT in terms of max stable overclocking. As I am mainly looking for stability at speeds of maybe 5MHZ, not more.

    I usually run my Oc'ed Pcs 24/7

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