Cards not fitting into motherboard correctly

Hey when i built my first pc, I noticed that my cards would have some difficulty seating in the PCI slots - mainly it seems to be the case angulates the mobo slightly outwards, and therefore the 90 degrees (to the back wall) required for the cards to slip right in is more like 85 degrees and the cards cannot go uniformly in the slots. The gold connectors do appear to adequately go in the slots, but i had to crimp out the metal in order to do so. I suspect i did something wrong when mounting the mobo, or was missing a key component when building but can't figure what went wrong.. What should i be looking for or is this a different problem entirely?

Case: COOLER MASTER Centurion 5 ATX midtower
Mobo: Asus P5k P35 ATX
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  1. Did you use the stand-off screws when you mounted the mobo? Looks like they may be brass-colored, maybe 1/4'' to 3/8" long. You should have screwed them to the case to align with the hole-pattern of your board, and then used the small silver screws to attach the board to the stand-offs.
  2. Hmm no, i just used the screws that came with the case, which directly mounted the mobo to the case. The hole pattern appears to line up, but maybe still not good enough. Is there a tool to measure the size stand-off screws i need and then a place to buy them?
  3. On second thought i think i did use standoff screws - i'll have to check it out later
  4. They are little brass things with a small threaded male post on one end and a matching threaded hole on the other. Bad things can happen without them. You case should have come with them:
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