DP to VGA adapter not working on 5850

So I got the Sapphire 5850 and this (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16812270279) and it's not working very well. I got it to work once after fiddling with it, but now it's back to not working. The card just does not detect it, or if it does, it will only let me use 640x480. I know that it at least partially works because when I plug the monitor into the adapter (without the other end plugged it) the monitor will try to detect a signal.

I have used 9.12 drivers and 10.1, and still no luck.
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  1. http://support.amd.com/us/eyefinity/Pages/eyefinity-dongles.aspx
    Is your DP to VGA adapter on this list? If not then maybe give one of them a try.

    You will need to hook up your largest (in terms of native resolution) monitor to your DP adapter in order for it to work aswell.

    What are the rest of your computers specs?
  2. @paperfox
    The monitors are all the same res. They are Hanns.G Hi221D monitors, but I also tested a Viewsonic VP-17b and it didn't work either.

    The adapter isn't in that list, but all the newegg reviews reported it to work and also it worked for me once after fiddling with it.

    Edit: Wait, that page lists some passive adapters, but I thought you NEEDED an active adapter, and passive adapters don't work?
  3. The times have changed, the passive converters on that list have been confirmed by ATI to work.

    give this page a read if you are still skeptical:
  4. Mine is basically the same thing though. If something here is broken, is it more likely to be the card or the converter?
  5. Since adapters are alot cheaper than graphics cards id try another adapter or two before thinking the card was bad.
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