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Thanks to the answers of my question re Geforce GTS250 I am now in a position to go out and buy one.
However, I am not sure if my Packard Bell IXtreme (M3730) Desktop has enough power in its PSU. Does anyone know if it is likely to have enough power or must I open up the box?
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  1. Open the box and tell us what the PSU label says.

    A GTS250 needs about 9 - 10 amps. I estimate that is you have 25 amps on the 12 volt rail, you have enough power. 22 amps and it will be really close.

    If you need to buy a PSU, this will be enough:
    Corsair 400CX (30 amp 12 volt rail)
  2. I could not locate any PS information on Packard Bells website :(
    I was really surprised to hear they are still in business. They pulled out of the US market a long time ago and I have not heard them mentioned once until now. I was a technician for them many years ago.

    If you need a new power supply get at least a 650w. I'm sure you'd like to upgrade your gpu at some point in the future , like when the higher , more power hungry cards come down in price !
  3. there were many packard bells and fufitsu-siemens in germany when i visited last like 6months ago
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