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True Processor speed

Just recently I tried overclocking my i7-3770k for the standard 3.5ghz to 4.0ghz in the Bios. Everything is working properly, expect there is not a big change in performance or readings from programs like Speedfan and CPUID. Is there any way/program that can tell me my true clock speed? Any response would be great, thanks.
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    500Mhz addition for your processor speed will not make a huge boost to your processor performance..barely noticeable for your daily just 14% gain from the stock clock..
    try to push it until 4.5 to reach a "new world"..:D

    mmm, i don't get the point that you said not big change in reading program like Speedfan and cpuid..

    as far as i know, cpuz ( is the standart tool to observer your cpu configuration..including your core clock speed..
    AIDA from lavalyst is another good software..
  2. What leads you to the conclusion that there "is not a big change in performance?" Have you done any benchmarks?
  3. You need to run benchmarks before and after the overclock is enabled to really see the difference. With normal use, you may not see much of a difference.
  4. Just ran my benchmarks and brought it up to 4.2
    Thanks for all the answers you guys
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