Motherboard buying help!!

i plan to buy a new motherboard which has socket am3 so i can get a good amd phenom processor, the problem is my budget, $35-40 is my max, please suggest some mobos with socket am3, ddr2 or ddr3 memory support....
thanks in advance ( i did not know which sub-category to put this post in....)
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  1. wow you would be lukky am3 is 45$+ it will be the 740 or 770 chipset but the motherboard is a very important part
    i would say 50-60$ would be a safer bet
  2. What is your complete budget and build?? You aren't going to find an AM3 motherboard worth the cost at under $40... IMO. I would rather see cutting cost possible elsewhere, like going with an Athlon II x3 440 over a Phenom II X4 955, which would save you $90 roughly, which you could use on a much better motherboard.
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