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I was just wondering what the price of the gt300 will be. I know the release date is still unknown but do we have an estimated price?
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  1. No information is known right now. It could come out somewhere between the end of feb to the end of march. Price and performance are totally unknown.
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    Seems the 300 designation has been dropped. Release date is mid march. I expect pricing will be about $50 over comparable ATI hardware at first but that's just a guess based upon simple common sense is that too large of a price difference won't sell.,2845,2358378,00.asp
  3. It will be called GTX 480 & GTX 470.
  4. Depends on how it performs, and since we don't have a very good feel on that yet, it is hard to say. Also depends heavily on how much stock they can build up. If they run into shortages like the 5800s did, we'll be seeing retailers raise prices over the NVidia recommended price.
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