In future will be made Intel CPU for socket 1156?

In future will be made Intel CPU for socket 1156, what is a rumors?
Or i3, i5 and i7 are first and last?
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  1. Um, can you clean up your questions? Im having a hard time understanding them.
  2. sorry, my english is not my mother language :)
    I ask, in future would be made procesors for socket 1165?
  3. Thanks for the link. Intel taking the pee again re: sockets and needing to buy a new motherboard for the latest chips.
  4. Wtf, i hate intel and go with Phenom ii x4.

    Intel is like a childish, on every new CPU new socket. ******* intel, is sucks.
  5. i'm not an intel fan but i can say this... intel has huge investments in r&d and they come out with wonderful architectures that need new sockets to run to their best potential...

    while amd(i am not their fan too) has been more on a progressive upgrade path and the changes incorporated doesn't need to change the socket altogether...
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